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Amazing, you found a Bitcoin Cash paper wallet! I bet you’re anxious to know how to see how much Bitcoin Cash you found. Well, don’t worry, just follow these few simple steps and you’ll be looking at your newly found fortune in no time! We’d love it if you tweet us and let us know you found it! (just don’t take pics of your “Private Key” 🙂 https://twitter.com/FindBitcoinCash


  1. Download a Bitcoin Cash wallet – you will need this in order to interact with the Bitcoin Cash that you found, as well as to send it to someone, or buy something with it. You can download a Bitcoin.com wallet by following one of these links:
    • Download a Bitcoin.com wallet for your Iphone, Click here
    • Download a Bitcoin.com wallet for an Android, Click here
    • Download a Bitcoin.com wallet for a Windows PS, Click here
    • Download a Bitcoin.com wallet for a Mac, Click here
  2. Now that you have downloaded your wallet, you’ll notice that on the paper wallet you found, there are 2 different QR codes. The first one is a “Public Key” or a “Receive” address, and this is the one that was used to put the Bitcoin Cash into your wallet. The second one is a “Private Key” or a “Spend” address, this is the one that you will use to take the money out of that wallet (so, never show that code to anyone – they can steal your money with it).
  3. Open up your Bitcoin.com wallet that you just downloaded
  4. Click on “Scan,” it’s the middle button at the bottom of your phone.
  5. Scan the “Spend” QR code with your camera
  6. click on “sweep wallet”
  7. Voila! You did it. You now own Bitcoin Cash in your own personal wallet!

Just make sure that you back up your wallet when you are in a secure private place.

Entérate cómo reclamar tus Bitcoin Cash en español

So, I tried it out and there was no money to be swept, what gives? Well, the reason for that is because the wallet was hiding for an extended period of time, and because there is only a finite amount of Bitcoin Cash in existence, we made sure that it wouldn’t have been lost forever.  But click below and learn more about Bitcoin Cash, and perhaps check them map and try and find another wallet 🙂

Learn more about Bitcoin Cash

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